Geoff Wonfor

Director of The Beatles Anthology.

The Beatles Anthology (1996) -- This eight part made-for-TV documentary (which is expanded on DVD to last about ten hours) is the end-all definitive story of the Beatles, as told by themselves (John's part was told through archival footage, and it works well) and the most important "fifth" Beatles (George Martin, Neil Aspinall, etc.), but no one else.  This is what makes the document so good.  There's no voice-over narration or anything like that to get in the way, just a story that unfolds slowly but interestingly, taking its time and covering all the details, with extremely inspired direction throughout, a style that has both a serious and light tone, but always happy, just like the Beatles themselves.  In fact, the "direction" might as well be credited to them, since they were the ones who put everything into its proper motion.  If you only mildly like the Beatles before watching this documentary, you'll be a big fan afterward. A

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