Harmony Korine

The guy who wrote Kids who seems to like scenes more than story.

Gummo (1997) -- Sometimes this is so good that you can't believe it's been made, and sometimes it's so horrible that you just want to shut it off. So it's worth watching for the good parts. The "good" is usually a certain frankness about life and what people do in their lives, and the "bad" is usually bad acting (which I usually don't mind) or just boring scenes. The documentary style of the movie is probably the reason it's so hit and miss. C

Julien Donkey-Boy (1999) -- Harmony's "Dogma 95" movie that takes the basic approach he took in Gummo, only he bothers to make it interesting this time with good characters and, if not a plot, at least a family "saga" that somehow becomes a kind of narrative.  Korine was smart enough to get director Werner Herzog (a fan of Gummo) to star in this movie, and he's easily the best thing about it.  Don't fast-forward through this one. B

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