Harold Young

Director who directed a zillion movies, including the live-action sections of The Three Caballeros and The Mummy's Tomb.

Don't Like It The Mummy's Tomb (1942) -- About the best example I've seen of a movie sequel thrown together cheaply and quickly just to make a buck or two.  The first ten minutes is spent showing footage from The Mummy's Hand, presumably to get the audience caught up, but probably to get ten percent of the movie done with minimal effort.  (The entire movie is only an hour.)  The "story" is that everyone from the previous movie that you thought was dead has lived, and everyone from the previous movie that you rooted for to stay alive dies within the first twenty minutes.  Finally, the movie ends with footage of a torch mob lifted from Frankenstein.  Nothing redeeming that I can think of.  (See William Christy Cabanne for the predecessor, The Mummy's HandReginald Le Borg directs the sequel, The Mummy's Ghost.)

Really Like It The Three Caballeros (1945) -- Co-directed with Walt Disney, Norman Ferguson, Clyde Geronimi, Jack Kinney, and Bill Roberts. Coming through with the goods of what was promised in Saludos Amigos, this one is much better. After a mediocre short or two, the "story" takes off with Donald Duck going on a sort of tail-chasing drug trip through Latin America. It's a musical and visual movie, not a narrative one, so fortunately the visuals and music are good.

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