Harry Moses

Creator of Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollack.

Like It Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollack (2006) -- Interesting documentary about a woman who thinks she's found a Jackson Pollack painting (without originally knowing who he was) at a thrift store that she bought for five bucks (and thought was ugly).  By the end of the movie, she's turned down offers for four and eight million dollars on principle.  She's been told it's worth fifty million, but -- more important to her -- she wants someone to admit that it's a Pollack painting, though she's only got the slightest of possible proof.  (Really she's wanting the snooty art world to admit that she's as good as they are.)  A movie about people who are ultimately frustrating, from the woman herself (who seems "brassy" and all, but she's screwing her son and other family out of millions of dollars for free) to the art professional who seems like a Christopher Guest character, saying that art can't be "proven" by forensics, etc.  Well-made, with charming narration from the movie creator.

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