Irvin Kershner

He directed Empire, the would-be Lynch job.

The Empire Strikes Back (1980) -- This episode really fleshes out everything and everyone that was introduced in Star Wars, and really most of what we think of as Star Wars comes from this one, so it may be (as most say) the best of the series.  This is also the one that made people believe the movies are more than just a popcorn movie, making some fan boys get religion and all that (and of course I see their point--there is something else going on). Irvin Kershner's direction seemed to really help this movie, since he focused a lot on the actors and not just the special effects.  The 1997 Special Edition doesn't do too much damage to the movie.  (See George Lucas for the predecessor, Star Wars. See Richard Marquand for the sequel, Return of the Jedi.) A

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