James Cameron

The guy who makes good action films and did something about a boat.

The Terminator (1984) -- From when I saw it long ago, seemed like a decent little action thing. Arnold says something like "I will return shortly" or something like that... (See below for the sequel, Terminator 2.) B

Aliens (1986) -- Where Alien was an intense thriller centering around one alien, like a good horror film with one monster, Aliens was a big blown-up thing where the number of the aliens and the weapons available to destroy them made the movie a shoot-em-up instead. Which I guess is fine, and especially since every Alien movie has its own style and genre going, making them worth making over and over. So, lovers of big action films have enjoyed this one better, and comparisons aside I think this is good as far as shoot-the-trillion-alien movies go. (See Ridley Scott for the predecessor, Alien. See David Fincher for the sequel Alien 3.) B

The Abyss (1989) -- It's been several years, but I remember being pretty captivated by this, another good James Cameron action thriller intense type movie. B

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991) -- Taking the water creature from The Abyss and making a movie around that special effect, this surprisingly manages to be a good action movie in spite of the possible overwhelming desire to sit back and say, "We got Arnold, we got explosions, we got this cool effect no one's seen... screw everything else." (See above for the predecessor, The Terminator.) B

Titanic (1997) -- An hour or so long disaster movie with a love story tacked on the front and end. I never planned on watching this, but my brother sort of tied me to a chair and forced me to. I told jokes to survive. I guess there's nothing "wrong" with it, other than it being so long for no clear reason. C

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