Jean-Pierre Isbouts

TV guy.

Like It Walt: The Man Behind the Myth (2001) -- You'd expect a documentary about Walt Disney created for the Disney Channel and narrated by Dick Van Dyke to be a little cheesy or hero-worshippy.  And it's a little of that, but not too much.  In fact, they're not afraid to make Walt look dumb or worse from time to time, even calling him "politically naive" and showing footage of him talking about "smoking out" the communists in Hollywood.  The documentary is fairly comprehensive, given the limited time to cover such a big person, and goes from the beginning of his life to the end, showing his personal life, his work, and the impact he made on the rest of the world.  If you don't know much about Walt, the documentary is a good start and, if you do, it's nice comfort food with a lot of rare footage.

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