Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Frenchy fries.

The City of Lost Children (1995) -- A crazy Terry Gilliam-like movie (though better than Gilliam) which is likeable in spite of itself. B

Alien Resurrection (1997) -- Maybe the worst Alien movie. Not completely horrible, but nothing really new going on--or nothing new that's very interesting. Jeunet's direction and regular ensemble of actors is maybe the best thing about it. (See David Fincher for the predecessor, Alien.) C

Amelie (2000) -- Maybe it was that Jeunet wasn't working with Marc Caro anymore, but this movie is certainly more approachable than the first two, so much that it's basically a love story (maybe even a "chick movie") that happens to have dazzling visuals, imagination, and an outstanding loveable actress playing the lead. So, nothing that hasn't been done before, but pretty darn cool. B

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