Jim Sharman

The Rocky Horror director.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) -- It's hard to think of this as just a movie, and of course it's more than just that now. But if you were to take this film away from the toilet-papered theaters and the costumes and screaming at the screen and college kids finding their identities by dressing as Riff-Raff, then you'll find that it's actually a really funny, really interestingly-acted movie with excellent songs from what began as a pretty good musical. Try watching it by yourself during a quiet night at home. (See below for the sequel, Shock Treatment.) B

Shock Treatment (1981) -- A "sequel" in the loosest sense, it features some of the same characters (though not all the same actors) trapped -- instead of a mad scientist's house -- on a game show. It's about as goofy (and not in a good way this time) as it sounds. (See above for the predecessor, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.) D

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