Joe Wright

A turkey.

Don't Like It Atonement (2007) -- Ridiculous movie about a little girl who wrongfully accuses an older boy of rape around the time that he falls in love with Keira Knightly.  He's then sent to prison, then released to fight a war.  We spend another hour or so looking at the war for no reason.  Then the little girl (now grown up) realizes she was wrong.  Then we see the grown man and Keira Knightly get together after all.  Yay?  No.  It turns out we've been watching a novel that the adult little girl has been writing, in which she creates a happy ending to "atone" for her sin.  In fact, the man and Keira had actually died.  Apparently atonement involves getting rich off of the mistake you made.  Stupid, stupid movie.

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