John Boorman

The Deliverance director who seems to have made some other cool films, few of which I've seen.

Love It Deliverance (1972) -- One of the greatest "horror" movies ever made, and I do believe it is horror, in the true sense of the word.  The movie succeeds past just the more talked-about scenes as well (the "squeal like a pig" scene and the banjo kid).  Probably Burt Reynolds's best role.  Creepy and great.

Really Like It The Tailor of Panama (2001) -- Pierce Brosnan is allowed to be funny in this movie, and in a crude way, which is even better.  Geoffrey Rush does another one of his quirky, talkative characters, but one of his better ones: much better than Shine.  And John Boorman (adapting John Le Carré) makes a film that works as a spy movie, a talkative language movie (almost in the style of Harold Pinter, who also has a part in this movie), and a really funny comedy.  Really smart throughout.  Oh, and Jamie Lee Curtis also stars, giving the movie a realistic, down-to-earth backbone.

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