John Hough

Disney guy.

Escape To Witch Mountain (1975) -- A childhood favorite, though I can't really guess how good it actually is now. I remember cool witchy effects.  (See below for the sequel, Return from Witch Mountain.) B

Return from Witch Mountain (1978) -- Both these movies run together in my memory. I'd have to see them again to remember. (See above for the predecessor, Escape To Witch Mountain.) B

The Watcher in the Woods (1981) -- Co-directed with Vincent McEveety. Here's how this movie works (I think): When you're a kid, and you're only scarcely able to really follow what's actually going on in the movie (I was six when this came out), the images and sounds are everything. And the images here are actually pretty cool: woods, girls with blindfolds trapped in mirrors, crazy lights, Bette Davis... When you watch it as an adult, it barely makes sense, but growing up this was pretty great stuff. C

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