John Patrick Shanley

Known mostly for the guy who wrote Moonstruck, I know him as the guy who wrote and directed Joe Versus the Volcano, the only film he's directed so far (though he's written several). He has a unique vision, heart, and magic.

Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) -- Everyone cites this as Tom Hanks' big bomb, but it's my favorite Tom Hanks movie. But beside the great performance by him and Meg Ryan and everyone else, I really love it for John Patrick Shanley's direction, script, vision, and ideas. I once said that if I'd written this screenplay, I could quit writing and be happy with what I had done (an exaggeration, but it's semi-true). Everyone needs to at least give this movie a chance, and maybe you'll join in the Joe cult that includes myself and about twelve other people. A

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