John Woo

Hey, look! An Asian guy makes it big in America!

A Better Tomorrow (1986) -- I appreciate this movie more than I like it, since I saw The Killer first and thought it was so much better than this movie when I eventually saw it. (John Woo also directs the sequel, A Better Tomorrow II.) C

The Killer (1989) -- One of the best action movies ever made, and one that has brains and a soul too, which is kind of rare. This movie basically invented Tarantino. B

Face/Off (1997) -- Not as ridiculous as the premise might suggest, which is a feat to begin with. It ends up being a very good (and, again, pretty thoughtful) action movie in spite of itself. B

Mission: Impossible II (2000) -- Just like the first movie, this one is fun enough while you're watching it, but after it's done you remember essentially nothing from it. (See Brian DePalma for the predecessor, Mission: Impossible.) C

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