Jonathan Lynn

Directs mid-level comedies that seem to work well enough.

Clue (1985) -- Most movies like this are wasted opportunities, but this one wasn't. The idea of adapting the board game of Clue to a movie sounds great on paper, and these guys actually pulled it off to more-than-full potential on the screen. It's really funny (script by director Jonathan Lynn as well as John Landis), is a true (and satisfying) mystery, contains multiple-endings, and a has hilarious cast saying one quotable thing after another. B

Greedy (1994) -- A pretty satisfying comedy, one that kind of has a slow-paced sense of funny about it (in a good way, or at least not a bad way). B

The Whole Nine Yards (2000) -- See Greedy review. About the same as that. B

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