Kenneth Branagh

Hotshot actor and director who digs Shakespeare and himself.

Indifferent Dead Again (1991) -- A movie that feels dated already, like it would be a movie of a week that happens to star Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson.

Really Like It Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) -- People didn't seem to like this one for some reason, but it seems to me more overall successful than its older brother, Bram Stoker's Dracula.  Branagh goes nuts with the camera in a good way, and the story unfolds nicely, all of the actors doing a good job.  If nothing else, it is Mary Shelley's version (more or less), and that counts for something since hers was a good story and it's never really been told before.

Really Like It Sleuth (2007) --The 1972 movie starred Laurence Oliver in the older role and Michael Cain in the younger role.  This version stars Michael Cain in the older role and Jude Law in the younger role.  So props for that little bit of coolness.  Kenneth Branagh and crew offers offers a cool blue ultra-modern set for the two to play around in.  The real winner here is the screenplay adaptation by Harold Pinter; the story remains the same, but the language is all Pinter's, and if you're a fan of his plays and dueling dialogue, you should enjoy this.

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