Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith crosses back and forth between totally stupid movies (Mallrats), really serious movies (Chasing Amy), and tries to walk the line sometimes (Dogma). He's hit and miss, but it's worth watching for one reason or another, even if he gets annoying sometimes.

Clerks (1994) -- Maybe still Kevin Smith's best movie, just for the great comedy that he hasn't beat yet. Funny, interesting characters saying funny, interesting things. B

Mallrats (1995) -- A stupid movie which I think I fell asleep through, or wish I did. But Kevin Smith apologized for making it, so I'll forgive him. D

Chasing Amy (1997) -- Certainly Kevin Smith's most serious film, it has a bit of comedy (including Jay and Silent Bob, who are remarkably in place in this non-comic world), but mostly deals pretty seriously with the relationships of the characters. It's one of those Kevin Smith "idea" movies, but it doesn't go as far as Dogma does to annoy in that respect. B

Dogma (1999) -- Basically, a better version of Mallrats: goofy jokes that are mostly funny this time. Kevin Smith's preachiness gets in the way in trying to convert us from religion to faith, etc. etc., but if you overlook that, the movie is enjoyable enough. The best moments are between fallen angels Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who take the movie several notches above the goofy level in each scene in which they are featured (not sure if it's just them or if Kevin Smith just happened to write the best stuff for them to say). Salma Hayek, of course, is hot and does a (clothed) strip scene to the tune of "Candy Girl." B

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) -- A mostly un-funny movie, but not terrible. Worth seeing for a scene or two. C

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