Lewis Teague

Director of Alligator, Cujo, and Cat's Eye.

Like It Cat's Eye (1985) -- Goofy but fun-to-watch Stephen King trilogy.  In the first story, James Woods and Alan King are involved in an extreme plan to quit smoking, and this is the most entertaining one.  The second one has Robert Hays out on a building ledge, which is fun, if typical.  The third is the one I remember from childhood (because it's essentially a kids story) with Drew Barrymore and her cat battling an evil gnome who wants to suck her breath while she sleeps.  The tie-in with the same cat works well enough (though the ghostly re-appearances of Drew Barrymore doesn't) and music by Alan Silvestri (who did his fantastic Back to the Future soundtrack only that year) is a slice of 80s synth cheese.

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