Liam Lynch

Musician and former sock puppet on Sifl and Olly.  He's now also directing movies.

Really Like It Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic (2005) -- The majority of this movie is Sarah Silverman's really funny standup show, so it's primarily a comedy concert film, but there are enough skits and songs to keep the momentum going, and all of the songs are really funny too.  Liam Lynch's stamp is all over the music bits, which I like.

Really Like It Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (2006) -- Sort of a prequel to the HBO series, there are plenty of references to that show, previous albums, and the legend of the D in general.  If you like that stuff, you'll like this too, but some of it does feel a bit like there's no forward momentum with the band since the same stories and scenarios are being told.  However, most of the movie is new stuff, and is pretty hilarious throughout--almost a more energized version of The Blues Brothers, the grandfather of this movie, in spirit if not in musical style.  Liam Lynch in the perfect director for this movie and seems to bring the best out of each scene.  Really funny bits, really great music, and a surprisingly good sequence featuring Sasquatch.

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