Lucas Belvaux

French actor who turned director and made the Trilogy.

Trilogy (2002) -- Or La Trilogie, as it is known by its original French title.  This isn't a movie, but a trilogy of movies (On the Run, An Amazing Couple, and After Life); however, when you've seen all three, it really forms one big movie, as each movie sheds light on the other two, almost forcing you to watch all three movies twice.  This is a problem initially, since the movies seem like puzzles with missing pieces, but as all three begin fitting together, it becomes pretty great.  This isn't the first time this sort of idea has been done (Kieslowski's series movies come to mind), but this is the most complexly-structured version of the idea I've ever seen.  Even if you're not particularly interested in the stories themselves (though most are good), the structure is interesting to watch.  Also cool is the fact that all three movies are different genres, making it even harder for Belvaux to pull it off, but does. Individual movies discussed below. B

On the Run (2002) -- The original French title is Cavale.  This is the first of Lucas Belvaux's Trilogy (La Trilogie), a thriller about a revolutionary who's out of jail after a few decades and just as serious about his revolutionary work (involving bombs), though no one else is (except the cops).  This is the most boring in the Trilogy, featuring several minutes of the star (Belvaux himself) driving around and changing his disguise moustache.  Though this is the first in the trilogy, it might be best to save it for last (or at least second), since it's only interesting when seen in relation to the other two movies. C

An Amazing Couple (2002) -- The original French title is Un Couple patant.  The second in the Trilogy.  Where the first one was a thriller, this one is a comedy (well, sort of) about how a rich and attractive couple who love each other are suspicious of each other for reasons based on misunderstandings.  Unlike the first movie, this one is good by itself, though as you're watching it, you realize that the first movie now makes more sense, with all sorts of information falling into place.  Since comedies are easier to understand than thrillers, it might be best to watch this one first. B

After Life (2002) -- The original French title is Aprs la Vie.  The third in the Trilogy, most call this a "melodrama."  It's about Pascal, a cop who's married to a morphine addict, and what happens when his police officer supplier won't provide him with any more drugs until Pascal kills Lucas Belvaux's revolutionary character from the first movie vigilante-style, which Pascal doesn't want to do.  Though obviously not as "fun" as An Amazing Couple, it's the most interesting in a lot of ways, especially with the complex and confusing "romantic" relationships that have been formed in this movie.

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