Martin Scorsese

Scorsese loves movies more than anybody, and he makes great ones.

Taxi Driver (1976) -- Good stuff. Robert Dinero is pretty great as a the ultimate naive guy. B

Raging Bull (1980) -- A good movie, even if it doesn't exactly hit me in the guts personally like it does the people who call it the best movie of the decade. B

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) -- I can't understand why people protested this movie, since to me it's the best movie about Jesus and actually magnifies the importance of his sacrifice in a way that no other Jesus movie actually has. One of the most significant points of the Gospels -- I thought -- was that Jesus was the son of God but also human... and that his "success" paved the way for other humans who wanted to become children of God themselves. But apparently this humanity was the thing that was attacked, as well as the premise of the movie which was a premise to prove a point, a point which should have encouraged people's faith rather than threatened it. All that aside, again, I think it's the best Jesus movie. It only occasionally falls into Bible movie traps (like Romans always being British, in this case David Bowie), Willem Defoe gives a great performance even for him, and by the end I'm feeling as uplifted as if I'd been to a revival. A

Goodfellas (1990) -- Next to The Godfather and (for me) Miller's Crossing, this is the best gangster movie to watch. B

The Age of Innocence (1993) -- A pretty faithful adaptation of the book (not that I care about that) with Scorsese's usual great direction. C

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