The music video guy known to me as "that guy who puts a convertable in every video," and I actually liked them. And I liked his first movie a great deal.

Charlie's Angels (2000) -- I didn't like the James Bond movies, didn't like The Matrix, didn't like the Mission Impossible Movies too much, and didn't even like the Charlie's Angels TV show, but I like this movie which is a comedy mix of all four. It's just fun and fun to watch, and sometimes you need a movie like that, one that's intelligent enough but mostly just candy (in the best sense of the word candy). All three Angels are beautiful, of course, but they're also good actors who seem to be pretty cool in real life too. Bill Murray is as wonderful as he usually is. My hero Crispin Glover is 100% absolute perfection as the Thin Man (who's probably my favorite character in this movie, which is saying a lot for someone who doesn't talk). Oh, and of course Tom Green who I would fall in love with and marry if I were Drew Barrymore too. But McG's direction might be the best thing of all, which doesn't hold back in being bright, fast, fun, imaginative, sharp, and everything that should be in these kind of movies (of which there are so few I like, whether straight big-budget action or big-budget action comedy). Nice. A

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003) -- A good sequel, in a market where it doesn't even have to be. They basically got it right by doing almost the exact same kind of stuff that made the first one good. A few goofball "crammings" of stuff that could have been cut, but mostly just fun with action, costumes, sexiness, and completely-over-the-top "little kid's idea of physics while playing with GI Joe" flying around and kicking. B

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