Mel Gibson

A pretty good actor who happens to be out of his gourd.

The Passion of the Christ (2004) -- Okay, here we go. This is really bad. As a movie, this is the most pointless thing I've ever seen. As a religious/inspiring movie, even more pointless. So crucifixions were brutal. This is news? Jesus suffered, sure, but so did many others who were crucified. Mel Gibson's focus on the extra-brutal treatment Jesus was received was his own fancy... which is fine, but people should know that it's his imagination and -- furthermore -- that his imagination is severely messed-up. I'm not speaking historically anymore. I mean that Mel Gibson is a wack job. Gibson seems to be pervertedly obsessed with the beatings of Christ: I picture Gibson diddling himself while watching these slow-motion shots of blood and flesh flying everywhere. It's very very sick. If anyone's faith was heightened by this movie, I feel really sorry for them. I could say much more, but I'll stop. This is perhaps the most offensive movie ever made. F

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