Michael Almereyda

Seems like kind of a wacky goof to me.

Twister (1989) -- Based on a Mary Robison novel, this movie is a noisy pointless piece of junk that gives an audience about as much to hold on to as a twister does. I thought, when I realized how bad it was within the first five minutes, that at least Crispin Glover would be interesting enough to watch, but even he can't save this movie. F

Nadja (1994) -- I only really watched this for David Lynch's involvement (he was co-producer and had a cameo), and I was sort of half-and-half on the movie. It's funny enough (in a not funny, black comedy sort of way) and it makes good use of Portishead songs, but ultimately it's kind of dull. C

Hamlet (2000) -- One of those gimmicky updates ("Ha ha ha, Denmark is a corporation," etc.), and less successful than Romeo + Juliet. After watching about twenty minutes of this and being bored out of my mind, I pretty much fast-forwarded through it to see how they handled certain scenes. The only thing that makes the movie interesting is good performances by Bill Murray and Kyle MacLachlan. D

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