Michael Lindsay-Hogg

TV director who's done some Beatles stuff.

Let It Be (1970) -- Depressing Beatles movie that stands in stark contrast to something like The First US Visit in which we see four young mop-headed charmers running around enjoying life and each other.  Let It Be, on the other hand, looks like the four of them being forced to make an album while suffering from fevers and exposure to drearily-colored studio lights.  Let It Be the album was kind of a downer too, and this movie is even more so.  It ends with the famous rooftop performance, but even it seems like a last-ditch effort to be positive. C

Two of Us (2000) -- You might not think that a movie originally airing on VH-1 would be that great, but this one was actually quite good.  It is a fictional account of the actual night that Beatles Paul and John got together in New York.  It's a very quiet movie, and bittersweet.  The saddest moment is when Yoko calls John on the phone and he huddles in the corner to talk to her while Paul looks on sad, as if losing him yet again. B

Waiting for Godot (2001) -- Very good version of the Samuel Beckett play, complete with all the beautiful dialogue, comedy, and agony of the stage version. B

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