Michael Mann

The mann (haw haw) behind Miami Vice, a director I don't actually like too much thanks to his style of directing that seems to me like a more neon version of the action movies you might see on the USA Network.

Like It Manhunter (1986) -- The original Hannibal Lecter movie, complete with all the 1980s stylization that went into Mann's TV show Miami Vice.  It's pretty good for what it is, and it's certainly better than Red Dragon, the pointless remake that followed.

Indifferent Heat (1995) -- Good idea to bring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro together.  They're not on screen at the same time much, but their personalities drive the movie, and the few scenes they are both in are great to watch.  The movie itself is more or less average, and certainly too long (almost three hours).

Like It The Insider (1999) -- Michael Mann likes these long movies, but luckily this time he's got enough substance to fill up the space.  Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, and the rest of the actors do a good job, and Mann's normally over-slick-and-sleazy direction is toned down a bit here to allow for these performances and some good storytelling of a true event.

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