Michel Gondry

Music video director who went on to make stupid movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Hate It Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) -- The premise of the movie is far from original or interesting, the characters are dipshits (Jim Carrey is characterized by being mopey and shy, while Kate Winslet is characterized by having colored hair and being spazzy), the dialogue and narrative was written by a high school student (and sounds even more stupid in the mouth of someone like Jim Carey, who's in his forties now), and the entire thing is just unpleasant.  Don't forget: Charlie Kaufman is an idiot man-child writer who has somehow tricked people -- through smoke and mirrors -- that he's smart.  Michel Gondry (and Spike Jonze, come to think of it) has done the same thing.  As far as I can tell, this movie might blow the mind of sixteen-year-olds who think they're smarter than the world around them, but I can't imagine how adults enjoy this film.

Really Like It Dave Chapelle's Block Party (2005) -- Dave Chapelle's Comedy Central show is kinda funny from time to time, but he gets to show his true colors here--both as a comedian and as a person.  He's hilarious throughout the documentary as well as really sweet.  The block party he arranged was even more of a concert of love than Woodstock was, thanks to the good nature and mix of different kinds of people Dave brought to the crowd.  In addition to landing Kanye West, Mos Def, The Fugees, Dead Prez, and other acts, Chappelle spruces us the performance with his own comedy bits and the addition of a college marching band he bussed over from his home town.  The documentary itself inter-cuts live performances, rehearsals, Dave gathering folks to attend the concert, interviews with two old people who own a spooky house, and other great moments that Michel Gondry has captured with an earthy--almost 1970s--feel, different from his spazzy music video and other feature work (which I hate).  A touching movie that makes you happy.

Don't Like It The Science of Sleep (2005) -- Sure, it's pretty and has some interesting stop-animation, but the characters are repulsive and stupid and the love story is retarded.  Gael Carcía Bernal is often charming, but it's because of what the actor himself brings, not the character as it was written.  The character as written is a whiny puss who has problematic views of women and little to like.  Charlotte Gainsbourg plays a bitch.  The only person who's likeable is Alain Chabat as Guy; maybe if the movie were about him, it would be okay.  In the end, a movie by a guy who has a gift for images (see his music videos), but not for stories or characters.

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