Morgan Spurlock

A tool.

Don't Like It Super Size Me (2003) -- Morgan Spurlock is an idiot.  The premise of this movie is that eating McDonald's three times a day is bad for you.  Duh?  Eating any one thing three times a day is bad for you.  Eat nothing but oranges three times a day and see what happens to you.  Everyone knows fast food is bad for you, and if his point was to show how eating it even once a week or so could be bad, then that would have been something, but he went the extra idiot mile to prove nothing.  And the people who sued McDonald's for being obese were just as stupid as Spurlock.  At the end of the movie, we find out that a law has been made that prohibits people suing restaurants for becoming overweight; Spurlock presents this as a negative thing, but it sounds like a great law to me.  Besides the premise -- in which he stupidly almost kills himself, by the way -- the movie throws in some extra stuff like a discussion of sub-standard meals in schools, a guy who's obsessed with Big Macs, and other little bits that are far more interesting than the main part of the movie and make it almost watchable every few minutes.  If he'd done a collage of these sorts of things, he might have gotten somewhere, but instead we get over an hour of this asshole going around speaking nothing but sarcasms and trying his best to emulate Michael Moore.  (He fails, of course.  And the camerawork is ugly.)  If McDonald's and other fast food restaurants changed some things around this time (such as not offering super sizes or trying for more low-fat menu items), I hope Spurlock doesn't think it was any of his doing.  The buzz was in the air already, making his choice for a documentary an obvious one, not an inspired one or one that causes any change or thought.

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