Norman Jewison

A guy I seem to know primarily because I used to like musicals a lot.

Fiddler on the Roof (1971) -- Well, the music is great, Topol is Tevye, and apparently Norman Jewison was bright enough to film it without messing things up. If you like the musical, you'll like the movie. B

Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) -- Although some of the dirty hippiness gets on my nerves, and although the music arrangement (and mix) in this version aren't nearly as good as the album version (not to compare, but the movie version is so rough around the edges that I'd be hesitant to even say it's a representation of the the musical at all)... in spite of all that, I still think it's a pretty good version of this musical (one my favorite musicals of all time) and that lots of creativity went into the filming of it. It's certainly better, I'm sure, than the filmed stage versions out there now. B

Moonstruck (1987) -- I must have missed something, since everyone else is ga-ga for this movie. I should like it. I like all the actors, Norman Jewison is fine, John Patrick Shanley wrote one of my favorite movies ever with Joe Versus the Volcano (my readers might now be saying, "Well, there's your problem")... but something about it didn't really stick with me, though I don't think, of course, that it was awful. C

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