Norman Stone

Religious guy who makes lots of stuff for the BBC.

Love It Shadowlands (1985) -- BBC production of C.S. Lewis's life with Joy Gresham.  In many ways is superior to the eventual bigger budget remake by Richard Attenborough (starring Anthony Hopkins and Deborah Winger).  This one is more effective in its plotting, squeezing all of the story and emotion out of each scene, and doesn't feature any of the sillier sub-plots of the latter film (such as the moody student).  A very pretty movie and a love story about old people, which is a rare thing to see.

Indifferent Beyond Narnia (2005) -- Twenty years ago, Norman Stone directed a great version of C.S. Lewis's story with Joy Gresham.  For this, C.S. Lewis's entire biography (kind of) is squeezed into 60 minutes with kind of cheesy production values and a goofy, religious-based script.  It's not horrible, and it gives a decent (if often made-up) view of C.S. Lewis's life, but it's by no means definitive or even worth watching.  Read Surprised by Joy instead.

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