Paul Provenza


The Aristocrats (2005) -- If you can get over the frenetic editing that gives you a headache for the first thirty minutes or so (it luckily slows down a little after a while), much of this is worth watching, though eventually the "dirtiness" of the joke gets old and starts become just a big pile of slime.  The funniest comedians are the ones who aren't simply piling shit on top of vaginas on top of vomit, but who provide one or two clear images or go at the joke from another angle.  My personal favorites are Billy the Mime (though it was annoying that in the editing they took out the sound entirely, even the ambient noise, as if that were necessary), the legendary Phyllis Diller, Carrie Fisher, Gilbert Gottfried (even though the other comedians suck his dick too much when talking about how he saved the world after 9/11), the always-surprisingly-funny Lisa Lampanelli, Paul Reiser (who told the joke about as tastefully and intelligently as possible while still keeping the essence), Bob Saget (who told the joke as absurdly and dirty as possible without going so far into either area that it's just not funny anymore--the funniest thing about him, though, was that he kept laughing at himself), Sarah Silverman (who didn't even tell the joke at all), the Smothers Brothers, Steven Wright (who purposefully ruined the joke), the weird-ass Taylor Negron, and of course the animated South Park characters that Trey Parker and Matt Stone put together just for this movie.  The two worst people in the movie were the staff of The Onion who, like the academic assholes they are, tried to break the joke down on a whiteboard, and the never-funny Rita Rudner who annoyingly held onto two stuffed animals the entire time and let everyone know she thought the joke was in poor taste.  The movie is a bit of a headache to watch, but the handful listed above (out of the 100 who told the joke) make it worthwhile. B

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