Paul Thomas Anderson

P.T. Anderson is the real deal. 

Love It Hard Eight (1996) -- Great little movie, pretty tight, engaging throughout. Seems like one that gets better as you see it, oddly.

Love It Boogie Nights (1997) -- Proving that Bert Reynolds still has it and that Marky Mark Wahlberg has it (not penises), this movie takes special care of each and every one of its characters in the ensemble cast, in lots of the same ways that Vernon, Florida took care of its less-than-intelligent players. Funny and touching.

Love It Magnolia (1999) -- Paul Thomas Anderson doesn't look like he wants to slow down as he jumps right into a bigger film, about eighty percent of it driving quickly (the pumping score helps) as if the entire movie is a dramatic conclusion. I'm proud of the risks Anderson takes, like having the characters sing along to Aimee Mann and especially the inspired plague of frogs. The themes of inheriting our fathers' sins, fate, family, and coincidence tie all the pieces together.

Love It Punch-Drunk Love (2002) -- A wonderful, wonderful movie: it does what a "romantic comedy" could have never been imagined doing. Adam Sandler was perfectly-cast, allowing him to use his silliness, shyness, and anger to a haunting degree. In it's way, more perfect than all Anderson's other movies. Blue.

Love It There Will Be Blood (2007) -- PT Anderson's fifth masterpiece and an amazing character by Daniel Day Lewis.  It's very difficult to talk about how much these movies mean to me.

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