Peter Hewitt

Kiddie director.

Garfield: The Movie (2004) -- A few simple things could have made this horrible movie average. All the animals (not just Garfield) should have been animated (especially Odie, who would have been perfect as a funny CGI character); Nermal should have been cute; Arlene should have been anything (same with Jon, who was just some dude); Jennifer Love Hewitt could have dressed sexier. And, um, it should have been about Garfield: really it could have been any cat and dog, since nothing much was Garfield-specific aside from some obligatory comments about lasagna. The only thing they did right was getting Bill Murray to do the voice, but then he never shut up. Garfield doesn't stay silent for more than three seconds, throwing out one un-funny one liner after the other. A big waste of the fat orange cat. D

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