The funky singer is a movie guy too, you know.

Really Like It Under the Cherry Moon (1986) -- Prince made an interesting move when he followed up his good but somewhat what-you'd-expect music movie Purple Rain with this black and white parody of French movies.  It's funny and good, Prince proves to be a good director, and the megalomania Prince's critics hate in is one of the things I like.  The music is great, from one of his best albums, Parade.

Don't Like It Graffiti Bridge (1990) -- If Purple Rain was the Saturday Night Fever of the 80s, then this sequel is its Staying Alive: more or less a pointless piece of crap that doesn't leave well-enough alone.  Even the music isn't that great.  The soundtrack only has two good songs -- "Thieves in the Temple" and "Round and Round" -- and those are only really good by comparison.  Prince's character The Kid certainly had his problems in the first movie, but in this one he's just dull (and so is Prince's direction).  The only thing saving the movie at all are "bad guys" Morris Day and Jerome Benton. (See Albert Magnoli for the predecessor, Purple Rain.)

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