Ralph Bakshi

An animator guy that I used to think was pretty cool until I figured out he wasn't that cool after all.

The Lord of the Rings (1978) -- This had potential. The main flaw of this movie, of course, is that it wasn't finished. The Fellowship of the Ring was covered adequately (and maybe it should have stopped there, at least for one movie), but The Two Towers was just skimmed over, and ending it in the middle of the trilogy (with no sequel in sight) just isn't satisfactory. But what we have is competent and even nice, though Peter Jackson would later make the definitive version. B

American Pop (1981) -- Not-too-bad story about popular music through the century, traced through a family of musicians. It kind of meanders sometimes, and it spends too much time on the Billy Idol guy, but it's interesting enough to watch once or twice. C

Cool World (1992) -- When I saw this in the theater, my friend and I just turned to each other when it was over, frowned, and left in silence. I guess Ralph Bakshi, the "dirty animator," decided Who Framed Roger Rabbit? was too clean, so he made this piece of poop. F

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