Randal Kleiser

Some guy who's done some decently big movies.

Grease (1978) -- Okay, so it's probably actually horrible, but it's also pretty great. The music, anyway, and most of the people. So goofy it's good? Too bad to be true? I'm not sure, but it works all right. Kind of like the car flying away at the end of the movie: it makes no sense, but it does. B

The Blue Lagoon (1980) -- I originally watched this at the perfect time and setting: at age seven or so with my older brother in the room to explain things to me.  Not at all the "dirty" movie many would have it be, this is actually a sweet little Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret., only on an island with a very pretty Brooke Shields.  As an adult, the movie is pretty and comforting; as a child, it's an interesting introduction to maturing bodies, girls' periods, male masturbation, where babies come from, and all that stuff children want to know.  Anyone who thinks the movie is dirty is dirty themselves.  At its best, the movie is a lush, romantic version of Lord of the Flies. (William A. Graham directed the sequel, Return to the Blue Lagoon.) B

Flight of the Navigator (1986) -- Almost exactly like the movie Explorers in the sense that it starts interestingly enough when the movie takes place on earth, but gets idiotic and lame when it actually goes up into space. Everyone should have taken their cues from Close Encounters of the Third Kind--how boring would it have been if we'd followed Richard Dreyfus into the spaceship? C

Big Top Pee-Wee (1988) -- There definitely should have been and should be more Pee-Wee Herman movies, but it should not have been this one. About the only thing worth watching is gorgeous Valeria Golino as Pee-wee's circus girlfriend. (See Tim Burton for the predecessor, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.) D

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