Rian Johnson

He's a brick and I'm drowning slowly.

Brick (2005) -- A waste of an idea.  Making a film noir consisting of high school kids -- where they act dead-on-adult yet live in their teen world -- could have been pulled off effectively if done well.  "Done well" means it really should have been a comedy.  There are some supposed-to-be funny moments, but for the most part the serious tone the movie takes is what kills it.  They're being so serious that you can't take anyone seriously, where if the movie-makers had been light about it, you could have taken it seriously.  In the end, we just get another dumb first-effort college movie where the writer still thinks that suspense and mystery means not telling us anything at all.  And where the hero is just an annoying asshole wish-fulfillment of nerds who read pulp.  File under: thinks it has the world figured out, needs to grow up. D

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