Richard Attenborough

You know, the guy who invented Jurassic Park... a really smart guy.

A Bridge Too Far (1977) -- Not the best war movie, not the worst. It's different. The "bridges" is what semi-drives the movie, but basically it's made up of individual little scenes which could be watched in almost any order (or separate from the rest of the movie), which is both a good and bad thing. The movie has a unique humor sometimes too. And more top dog actors than you can shake a stick at. C

Cry Freedom (1987) -- From what I remember, a decent movie. C

Chaplin (1992) -- Again, from what I remember, a decent-enough movie. C

Shadowlands (1993) -- An excellent movie, for those who are fans of C.S. Lewis or not. The movie is skillful, perfect, extremely detailed, and subtly taps at at least a dozen emotions. A

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