Robert Siodmak

Director of many film noir movies, including The Killers and The Spiral Staircase.

Indifferent Son of Dracula (1943) -- The lumbering Lon Chaney Jr. plays Count Alucard, which is told to us about six times is "Dracula" spelled backward (a thing even more dumb than Ed Wood's Dr. Acula), who is, as someone says, "probably a descendant" of the original count.  Where he really comes from, and why Chaney Jr. is playing him, who knows.  This is basically another Dracula movie with no real reason for it having been made.  (See Lambert Hillyer for the predecessor, Dracula's Daughter.  See Erle C. Kenton for the followup, House of Frankenstein.)

Don't Like It The Killers (1946) -- The first little few minutes is a pretty good rendition of Ernest Hemingway's short story "The Killers," but then it goes from there for another hour and a half and becomes just another average noir movie (though one of the first of its kind).

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