Robin Hardy

She's pretty good when she gets a hold of the right material, usually colorful comedies.

Really Like It The Wicker Man (1974) -- A one-of-a-kind movie.  The film, in part, is a discussion of our deep-rooted beliefs and how it affects the way we live our daily lives and government.  For much of the movie, we think Edward Woodward is just a Puritanical prude, but eventually everything is turned on its head and we have to re-examine what the movie was having us re-examining.  Though not a standard horror movie at all (it's just as much a detective movie), it does have some truly horrifying moments, especially at the end.  And it's a musical!  (And a good one.)  You become more fond of the movie the more you think about it, and I can see why a cult has arisen around it.

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