Robinson Devor

He's zoo.

Indifferent Zoo (2007) -- The story itself is interesting: a group of people who call themselves "zoo" that are into bestiality, one of which was killed when he took it up the ass with an enormous horse dick.  But, if you didn't read a description of the movie before you watched it, it might be a good 45 minutes or so before you figure out what the hell is going on.  The director seems more interested with his "spooky" camera shots than telling a real story.  He also, like too many current documentary makers, doesn't want to judge these people for having sex with animals.  He wants them to be sympathetic.  Perhaps he even wants us to say, "You know, bestiality might be okay!"  Good grief, there are some things you can make a judgment on, and this is one of them.  But, again, we barely get around to learning enough about them to know anything.  We get these little whiffs of what's happening and misty reenactments that attempt to do what Errol Morris used to do (failing, of course, like most of his imitators).  The movie was semi-entertaining, simply because the subject matter was sensational and you wanted to know more, but it was certainly a waste of an opportunity.

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