Ron Clements

One of the Disney guys.

The Little Mermaid (1989) -- Co-directed with John Musker. The one that put Disney back on the map. And it's worthy of having done so. I have to admit I like it. It's fun and the songs are nice. B

Aladdin (1992) -- Co-directed with John Musker. This is the one that begun the string of Disney movies that make me sick to my stomach: the fast-talking characters and stupid jokes and modern anachronistic references and that annoying stylish animation (I can't think of a way to say that and make it sound bad, but I mean it bad). It only got worse from here eventually. C

Hercules (1997) -- Co-directed with John Musker. I was surprised at not totally hating this one. It's got the slick pop characters a la Aladdin, but it seems harmless enough this time. C

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