Scott Hicks

Woody Allen made a handful of masterpieces, and most the rest of them are really good as well.  Even his weaker stuff is interesting to me, or has some degree of fun or interest.  He's about as funny and good as everyone says he is.

Shine (1996) -- Proof that true stories aren't necessarily good ones, or in this case stories at all.  The movie begins with the usual abusive father crap (though none of it is explained, guessed at, or interesting at all) until David finally leaves home.  The part at school with the teenage David at school with John Gielgud is okay, and Noah Taylor is more interesting than Geoffrey Rush (who simply has to stammer), but after that brief little bit of goodness, the movie just keeps moving aimlessly it tries its best to wrap itself up with a graveyard scene.  Lots of unanswered questions: for example--Rachmaninoff makes him go crazy?  Anyway, it's all proof that if you play someone mentally disabled or crazy, you can get an Oscar. C

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