Shane Carruth

DIY Texas boy.

Primer (2003) -- The movie begins interestingly, with a bunch of shirt-and-tied young men talking about engineering stuff (not caring if the audience follows or not) until eventually accidentally creating a time machine.  When they initially begin jumping back in time, the movie goes nice for a while.  It has that first movie feel with actors (and a director) who seem natural because their non-professional status works for them.  But eventually the talky-talk gets out of hand and the time travel stuff becomes not only confusing but stupid.  Once Shane Carruth came up with the good idea of two guys who accidentally make a time machine, but then didn't know what to do with the time travel plot, and the movie is reduced to the usual crap about gunplay, and the writer really begins to show his young age with the dumb stuff he cares about and thinks his audience will too (and maybe they will if they're college age or younger).  In spite of its faults, its a decent first try, and maybe Carruth will solve some of his problems on the next go-round. B

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