Steve Miner

Director of some Friday the 13th sequels, Soul Man, House, some Disney crap, and other random stuff.

Like It House (1986) -- A comedy mix of The Amityville Horror, Poltergeist, and others (though without relying on direct rip-offs as modern parodies do), the tone of this film is similar to the Evil Dead movies (especially part two, though this one pre-dates it by a year), though there is no comparison in the quality (where Raimi wins the game).  The movie doesn't connect as well as you'd like it to, but -- for a dumb comedy -- it's got some interesting stuff going on that it doesn't even need to have for what it is: the Vietnam backstory overriding the whole thing, the missing son, the complications with the wife, George Wendt, etc.  Like most haunted house movies, you can't take it too seriously or think about it logically, but it's fun to watch throughout and a good thing to watch after watching a really bad "serious" horror movie.

Indifferent Forever Young (1992) -- Somewhat dull but okay romantic story with a slightly sci-fi backdrop.

Indifferent Lake Placid (1999) -- An attempt at a non-winking parody, the movie only sort of achieves that. Mostly it's average movie business as usual.

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