Steven Soderbergh

So far, this is a guy that I think is worth seeing, but I'm not as crazy about him as everyone else.

Indifferent Out of Sight (1998) -- I don't like it as much as everyone else did, but I liked it pretty well. Seemed about half an hour longer than necessary and about thirty too many freeze-frames (a few choice ones were nice, but after a while it dulled). Very cool that Michael Keaton reprised his role from Jackie Brown. Jennifer Lopez here is okay, before she became the abominable "Jenny from the Block" that I hate so much now.

Indifferent Traffic (2000) -- Seems to me more like something you might show in a freshman college course to stir up conversation than a good movie. But what do I know?

Like It Ocean's Eleven (2001) -- Pretty fun stuff. All great actors. An interesting heist plot, which is hard to do.

Don't Like It Ocean's Twelve (2004) -- The first one was okay, but the second one bored me so much I turned it off.

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