Ted Berman

One of the mid-period Disney dudes.

Like It The Fox and the Hound (1981) -- Directed with Art Stevens and David Michener.  This is in the period when Disney was just average--a little before they became slightly good again, only to become horrible after.  Watching it now, it has a certain charm.  Some scenes with the fox and the old lady are touching.

Don't Like It The Black Cauldron (1985) -- Directed with Richard Rich. This had a cult status in my mind for years since, first of all, I was a fan of the Lloyd Alexander books about Prydain and, second, because this was Disney's first and only PG-rated movie that they never seemed to want to release on video. So when they finally did, I rushed out to rent it... and I was disappointed. The story is just wrong. Gurgi, the comic character, is the one who does the big sacrificing at the end. Just bad storytelling.

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