Ted Demme

Jonathan's late nephew.

Really Like It Dennis Leary: No Cure for Cancer (1994) -- A greatly-shot concert movie of a great standup act by Dennis Leary.

Don't Like It Blow (2001) -- A pretty boring movie about drugs and stuff.

Like It A Decade Under the Influence (2003) -- Directed with Richard LaGravenese.  A pretty nice documentary about important movies of the 70s -- where they came from, why they were there, what made them great, and how they went away.  The documentary is a nice balance that allows both film buffs and casual viewers to enjoy it.  Some of the participants include Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Altman, Milos Forman, and Roger Corman (there are many more).  Unfortunately, the filmmakers are often more self-congratulatory than informative (though they're that too) and the documentary doesn't cover the truly great movies of the 1970s (Werner Herzog, Paul Morrissey, David Lynch, John Waters, etc.)

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