Thomas Riedelsheimer

Interesting new documentary maker.

Really Like It Rivers and Tides (2001) -- Documentary about the really interesting artist Andy Goldsworthy.  Instead of doing standard sculptures and putting them up in an art museum, he makes his stuff out of and in nature itself, and the art tends to also be about nature, with shapes of winding rivers and reproductive images.  He'll spend all day creating giant "stick holes" and then watch them float off into the river, explaining how this final action will add more to the creation than he ever could have.  Stacks of rocks in the shape of an egg will stay in a field for years and change meaning according to the seasons and weather.  Others will be completely devoured by the tide.  Ice sculptures catch one glorious moment in the sun and then melt.  Anyone pointing their camera at this guy could have made an interesting documentary, but Thomas Riedelsheimer has such an artistic touch himself that it perfectly compliments the sculptures and do more justice to Goldsworthy's work than Goldsworthy's own still photographs do.  And the artist himself is interesting and sweet, so it's nice to hear him talk about his work and how it makes him feel.  A great, quiet, beautiful movie about great, quiet, and beautiful art.

Like It Touch the Sound (2004) -- Like Rivers and Tides, this is a documentary about a unique artist.  Unlike it, however, Evelyn Glennie isn't nearly as interesting as Andy Goldsworthy (though she is kinda hot).  So it's great to watch her play percussion (she's really good at that), but listening to her talk is only fairly interesting, and it seems as if she's stretching to say something smart most of the time.

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