Tom Green

Tom Green is one of my favorite guys. He's funny and sweet and great. He's also a director now. He thinks more than you think he does.

Freddy Got Fingered (2001) -- Tom's first movie, I'm glad it was his own deal, and not just some MTV movie or SNL movie or something like that. It's an original thing all around. The best way to describe a lot of the humor is "slapstick with blood." In most slapstick since The Three Stooges, the violence has no results. But when a small child hits his face on the side of a car in this movie, his face is full of blood, no one in the movie is laughing, the music doesn't tell you it's funny, everyone is panicking. That's funny. I won't give away any more examples, and that's not even the best one. There aren't any fart jokes in this movie. Tom's direction is pretty cool and also funny (as he said once, he didn't want any poppy comedy colors, just for it to look like a regular movie). This movie never stops, and I was pretty much forced to cover my mouth with shock and laughter the entire run. A

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